Do it today !



I Went for a ride today and about 500 yards from home the traffic had come to a standstill,obviously being on the bike enabled me to go past the standstill until I got to the cause.

This car had left the road and nailed a lampost head on,when I passed the guy was still in the car, but people from the other cars were trying to help him, from the groaning and the blood he not in a very good shape, there was no other cars involved which made me think maybe he had a heart attack or maybe a fit, but it brings to mind how fragile life can be :(.

So I just felt like saying to you all.

Look after yourself, take care of the ones you love, and Do It Today.

You don't know what's going to happen tomorrow.
Yeah, I go along with that! Life is what you are doing NOW, not tomorrow, next week or next year. There might not be a tomorrow!!
Just read the local paper and it appears that the guy in the car was not badly hurt after all, just superficial cuts and bruises.


because it appears that the guy had only two minutes before, pinched the car.

He's recovered from his injuries but the police like his company so much they have decided to keep him indoors so that he cannot hurt himself anymore.

One less thief to worry about for awhile. :D