Do the world's most iron man - Hawaii Kona Ironman IRONMAN World Championship


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Oct 13, 2014
The distance from the ordinary to the Iron Man, a Kona's What is a real triathlon? For most people, the concept may still remain in the triathlon is just a new Olympic sport. But in fact, before joining the Olympic family, this ingenious hybrid endurance sports has been widely popular in Europe and is the courage to accept the challenge of those who relish. Unlike the Olympic standard triathlon, triathlon true standard contains 3.8 km open water swim, 180 km road cycling and 42.159 km full marathon standards. Any project which is not for the average person to be an easy thing, but will these crazy game linked together, it is a thing people feel incredible. 2 iron three of the highest temple: 1978 held in Hawaii Hawaiian Iron Man Triathlon is recognized as the world's first modern standard long distance triathlon events. And by this event evolved Triathlon World Championship (Ironman World Championship). After decades of development and change, to become the world's highest level of triathlon competition, and this tournament is held, the Hawaiian Islands, the most shining pearl Kona, has become synonymous with iron three sports supreme honor. Given the quality of the game demands, Kona Ironman World Championships for players, especially amateurs who have almost demanding: only in the specified annual Ironman Triathlon Series race to obtain the corresponding age group ranking of the players to be able to finally among the autumn Kona World Championships stage. If the requirements of the amateur contestants for the Boston Marathon is known as the threshold, then the requirements for amateur contestants Kona is a mountain of. Exciting is that in the next year's World Championships in Kona triathlon, will appear first formal qualification selection by Chinese players. Small group of children from Sichuan Li Pengcheng Ironman Langkawi Malaysia in the just-concluded series of results obtained in 10:51:33 age group first, and eventually won China's first straight Kona entry places. 3 Ice and Fire track baptism: Kona Triathlon as most top events, naturally, has a track of all the iron three games of the most challenging. Participants need to be tested from the climate, topography and other multiple factors, in order to ultimately arrive supreme finish arches. Cycling stage in hot lava area, accompanied by the magnificent Pacific coast is scorching temperatures. KONA riding along the coast again to Daha Wei rural areas along the same route back. Bike stage is not allowed with the ride, with the ride will be the referee will find bright red card, penalty four minutes at each red card, if you eat three red card sent off the game. The KONA special geographical location will result in cycling stage crosswind is very serious, so complete safety riding stage will not be a simple matter for each participant for. Bike ated Books "Novice choose this 5 bar pick cheap jordans, can not go wrong." "It is time to change shoes - and exactly how long the life of a pair of running shoes? " "Long-distance endurance exercise five ways - make you run better." "When we are busy running our bodies something - 30 minutes in a magical experience."
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