Do these idiots really have any idea?

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    I'm just wondering. I've had four drivers shout abuse (I assume that's what it was) at me in the last two days. I have also been unable to understand a single word of what they were saying. In fact, at least two of them I wouldn't have noticed at all if I hadn't seen them leaning out of the window like some kind of stupid tosser.

    I'm wondering if the motoring primate fully understands the total and complete futility of what they do, and if so, why do they do it?



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    Chris_L your story really makes me shake my head.  Some of these characters should never seek legal respresentation.  They should just go ahead and plead insanity.

    If you read this months Bicycling Australia there's an article titled Ideal Attitudes by Karen Forman and she looks at Italian drivers still showing cyclists courtesy despite far worse road and traffic conditions than Australian drivers face.  She peddled all around Milan.

    Its worth the read and says it all. Just imagine the Aussie yobbo saying "We respect bike riders" ... "We share here"
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    They winge when you ride on the road, they winge when you ride the footpath.
    Levitation bikes won't be around for a while so I rekon they should all just fuck up.
    Ever noticed the people yelling shit out car windows are ALWAYS fat? Ever noticed that.
    They are afraid we'll take their girlfriends and boyfriends away coz we're fitter and go harder!!
    Jealousy is a motorists curse my friends.
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    blah blah blah blah drivers this....drivers that.... get a life for fuck sake

    Your comments should be aimed at people who are fucked in the head....not drivers in general.....people that drive after a few drinks, people on medication the effects driving, fuckers who drive whithout knowing how to, wankers in 10-15 year old unroadworthy heaps of shit, drugged out drivers, people with no respect, idots without a license, cunts who cant even look after themselves, yet we trust them on our roads!.

    Mate these people piss off everyother driver (not only cyclists), havent you heard the saying "its not you, its the other driver you have to watch out for" These are the idiots who pass over crests, or run stop signs and red lights, they kill your father, your brother or your friends, they don't just kill cyclists.
    But as far as the gov is concerned, your a good and safe driver as long as you drive under the speed limit, hence these fuckers will remain on our roads forever :-[

    Some people just need a bullet between the eyes at birth.

    Incase you havent noticed, i'm not a 'motoring primate' basher ;) just someone who thinks adults should act like adults
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    I didn't mean it as so broad a statement but you've bacically summed up "drivers" yes. I didn't mean everyone who drives - hey - I drive - therefore - I am.
    I couldn't be bothered being super specific so thatnks for the broad view!

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    Steve. Yeah I go along with all you say! ;) ALSO there ARE some stupid ignorant motorists out there. These are the ones who will not move out an inch when overtaking. They obviously don't think that is necessary. Then there are the ones who turn or pull out right in front of you. These people do these things out of ignorance of what it is to be a cyclist. They COULD be educated if some government was serious about road safety! BUT then there ARE some motorists who really are bike-o-phobic! :p These guys really HATE cyclists! Some are psychopaths who, if they can get away with it, may deliberately actually try to KILL you! :eek: and I'm not exaggerating! Why? Who knows. Mostly it is for no apparent reason at all. Can only be some kind of hate-lust! Make good case studies for some psychologist! ;D
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    Having spent seven years cycling on the Gold Coast, I am no longer able to make such a distinction. I see people driving along the FOOTPATH at 120km/h quite often. A friend of mine had some drunken yobbo literally try to drive through his house, and then shout a heap of abuse when he offered the yobbo some assistance (he's obviously a better man than me, I wouldn't have bothered). I regularly get abused for things like stopping at red lights and marked pedestrian crossings.

    This sort of thing happens with monotonous regularity. However, my point was to ask whether these primates really think that shouting abuse is going to make any difference. For one thing, I've heard it all before (I used to be a telemarketer), and for another thing, it's hard to hear or understand anything that comes from a vehicle travelling at 120km/h.

    But around here, NOBODY drives at the speed limit anyway, those that do risk being at best abused, and at worst having their back end caved in by some redneck tosser. I know of some people who are afraid to drive around here for the reasons I just mentioned above.

    The term 'motoring primate' comes from the change in behaviour that happens to many people who are normally quite rational, but just become total and complete psychos as soon as they get behind a steering wheel. This phenomenon is quite common around here. I genuinely believe the 'motoring primate' to be several levels below human on the evolutionary ladder.
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    Queensland Police and bike lobby groups are sitting down later this week to talk about a WAVVE strategy. I don't have details but will try and find out what is going down. Some possibility of a Police register for intimadating behaviour by motorists.
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    This would be a great idea for all states
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    i live in the eastern cape and the drivers here if they think your taking up to much space swerve in at you!! happened a couple of times and scared the living s**t out of me!! also a big location near here so taxis everywhere and even riding through town to get on the open road has become a survival technique :( :(
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    Chris L how fast were going if you saw people driving along the FOOTPATH at 120km/h quite often ?

    Yes drivers do break the law by driving along the footpath, but going at 120km/h quite often, with bushes, Lamp Post etc etc on the footpath.

    Yeah right proof please.
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    move to queensland mate, you'll see.

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    And just out of curiousity, how do you suggest I obtain proof of the way these people drive? You wanna shell out 1,000 bucks for a digital camera or something. I may have over exaggerated to suggest that it happens "all the time", but I have seen plenty of people do it (yes, the speed was an estimation and probably another exaggeration, but you tell me what justification they had in being on the footpath at any speed).

    The quote from the driving instructor at Miami appeared in the Gold Coast Bulletin newspaper approximately one month ago.
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    Stats for deaths and/or injury to cyclists compared to other states would be interesting, does anyone have these?

    btw - i'm glad i dont live in QLD
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    You might like to try Bicycle Queensland Inc - its an advocacy group that is active about safety. [email protected]
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    Living here isn't that bad, really. Eventually you get used to having a quick glance before proceeding through a green light, but you should do that at every intersection anyway. And living up here does have it's good points. I haven't seen a winter in over seven years!
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