Do you ride knowing it's going to rain ?


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Mar 30, 2007
Todays forecast was overcast and rain moving in late morning and lasting throughout the day. I knew I wanted to ride and being I'm not an early person I would run into rain somewhere out there. I did cut the ride down from 50 to 25 miles and headed out. The rain didn't start until I had 10 miles left, so I was happy with that. You know sometimes it's fun getting wet. How about you ?
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It depends on my mood when I ride. Sometimes I lose the appetite for riding when the weather is too warm for it might expose me to heat stroke. And when it rains or about to rain, it is a good precaution not to ride. However, there are times that I am in the mood to ride under the rain so I would get my bike and go to the village park. By the way, it's not a good idea to ride in the streets when it's raining for the road is conducive to accidents. That's why in those cases, I just ride inside the village in order to savor the cool rain. And when I would feel cold, it's time to go back home.
I am a lazy ******* when it comes to that. Weather a little TOO cloudy? Best not to go outside then. Sun already setting? Maybe tomorrow then. I do like riding my bike through the city streets, but I'm also incredibly lazy, so it's an endless struggle when it comes to me going outside and exercising and enjoying the weather, or simply stay at home, enjoy a good meal and watch TV while I am at it.
For safety reasons it's best not to ride in the rain because that's when the road is most hazardous anyway!
Even when it stops raining and the road is drying out it can still be a problem.

I do understand what you are saying because I'm finicky about when I ride too. I'm strictly a morning rider because I hate the afternoon heat and wouldn't dream of ridding in it!!
Depends on the threat of the severity of the rain, if it's going to be 50% and above with high winds, thunderstorms etc that brought warnings then no.
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Race? Depends. A road race, I'm usually good to go. A crit, I'll watch the hilarity from the sidewalk every time.

Tour or charity ride? Probably. No lightning or monsoon I'm ready to keep moving on. Heavy rains and wind and I'll probably take a break from the road.

Training? Again, it depends. I'll stick close to home or the car/truck ready to bail out if the rain gets heavy. If it's just spitting or a light drizzle I'll keep rolling.
I avoid riding in the rain, unless its a light drizzle. I did a NYC bike tour in the pouring rain and it was horrible. It was the wrong type of tour for a road cyclist( was more like a soft pedal fest). Accidents left and right, one guy hit my wheel and fell and had a lady slide into my bike.Both were no harm no foul do to the low speed nature of the thing.

I'm also a runner and have no problem putting on a rain coat and cranking out a few miles though.
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Just last week I headed out for a ride after checking the radar. A big blob of green was heading my way in about an hour, so I scheduled an hour long ride. I got soaked the last 5 minutes of the ride, and the wind was almost pushing me in the other direction. It was fun. I won't do that all of the time, but occasionally I like the challenge of trying to beat the weather. This time I lost.
Just like the others, it really depends. But I would, if it's not too windy, stormy or dark. So I pretty much don't mind a light drizzle.
Living in the North West of the UK, if I didn't ride either in the rain or when the rain is forecast, I'd probably find that I'd never end up riding at all.

Personally I don't mind riding in the rain as I have the correct gear, but if I'm riding in just a pair of jeans and a jumper I'd probably think twice before I ventured out in the wet weather!
Not if it's going to downpour, no. I think primarily the fear of rain is a little overexaggerated when it's just a little bit of a sprinkle and slightly wet conditions...but then again, sliding down a hill uncontrollably is never fun. I like the rush though, maybe that's just me.
Sadly, I live in the UK where it rains something like 99.9% of the time even in the summer so it's not really something that I can let put me off. Even when it's sunny and bright in the UK you can guarantee that you'll be out on the bike for ten minutes and suddenly a downpour will come out of nowhere - or a thunderstorm - or hailstones. That's the great British summer for you - erratic, unpredictable and nothing to base your plans on. So, I just deal with it. I really don't let it bother me any more.
I'm also from the UK and I agree that the weather can be very changeable at times. You can set off for a ride without a cloud in the sky only for it to start raining 20 minutes later.

Some people I know even pack their wet weather gear and take it everywhere they go just for that reason, they don't want to get caught out.
Before setting to ride with my bicycle, no. But if it's going to rain while raining, I just speed up my pace and try to end my ride faster. Sometimes is pretty tricky to tell how strong is going to rain and how long. In general, You look at the clouds, dark gray and thick is a clear message to take coverage immediately, a few clouds and sunny mean a great time to enjoy a rainy ride!!
If it's a hailstorm then no, I probably won't ride. If I've set my mind to riding that day then that's the only thing that can stop me. Plus, I love rainy days. Streets are so empty, just an incredible atmosphere.
I think that's a pretty important point to make, and sometimes if you have been looking forward to going for a ride all day but then it starts to rain, you're not going to let that stop you.

There's no doubt that riding in the rain does take away from the enjoyment of cycling but sometimes you just have to get out there and ride no matter what the conditions are.
It is one of the best things I like to do. I know most people would not like to ride when it's going to rain but I like to ride when it's raining. I know it sounds weird. Most of the people try to escape away from the rain but I enjoy it as a gift of nature and I love it. I would not hesitate to ride when it is going to rain outside.
I try not to ride in the rain as I believe there are safety issues; drivers not seeing me and the like. That said, I don't find it offensive at all as long as there is no lightning. (Saw a foursome get hit by it on a golf course. You don't want to be there.)

I had a ride down in OBX of NC a few years ago and it was one of the best rides of my life. Rain came up out of nowhere and was pummeling me as I was riding into the wind, which was blowing a fairly steady 12 mph. I was laughing into it like Lt. Dan in the Forrest Gump movie.

When I turned around and headed back, it was as if the rain had stopped as it was going with me. Very strange sensation!

If you've never done it, it's worth trying to see if you like it. Hell, I like playing golf in the rain, too.
I don't know why people don't like to ride in the rain. Yes, I ride my cycle even if it is going to rain. I have gone to many trips and I have faced this kind of situation many times. I don't believe that rain takes aways the enjoyment of cycling.I enjoy riding my bike with my friends in rain. My friends also enjoy it.
Biggest reason I don't like to ride in the rain is the wear & tear on the bike. Drive train gets trashed and has to be cleaned. All sorts of small bolts start to rust. It's just not good.

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