Do You Still Ride When Sick?

It depends on the severity of your sickness. Of course when you are mildly sick and it is tolerable, I would still go for a ride. But when I feel like I can't make it, especially when I feel dizzy and hot because of a fever, I won't go biking for I might get into an accident, bumped by a car, or fall from my bike.
I choose not ride when I'm feeling sick. It can be dangerous 'cause you're not at your best physically. I mostly ride for enjoyment and leisure. Riding when I'm under the weather is not a good idea. Best case scenario is getting frustrated. Worst case scenario is hurting myself in an accident.
No, I don't. I usually get sleepy when I'm sick. I might just pass out while I'm riding.
Nope, every time I do that, I get worst. When I'm sick I just stay at home to rest and eat a lot.
Yes, Because I feel cold and I want my body to become active and get sweat. If I'm not feeling well, or maybe there's something wrong with my body, I want to become busy and active, because if I just going to lay on my bed and doing nothing. that sickness will be last for a week.
No. I take some rest if I am sick and not forcing my body to do extra activities. We can never tell accidents on the road and mind is affected if we got sick.
I am not like those that try to joke with their lives and that is the reason I wouldn't want to ride when I am sick. For goodness sake, anything can happen when I am riding and to be on a safe side, I should not be going out to ride when I am sure that I am sick and needs rest and some medication to get better too.
I don't push myself too hard when I'm sick. It's better to rest completely to bike 100% on the next one when I'm feeling much better rather than force myself and end up missing more time because the illness worsened.
If you're achy and weak stay off the bike, that's an early sign of the flu, if you get on your bike you will wear down your defenses quick and get a lot worse, instead get lots of rest and drink lots of fluid.

If you have a stuffy nose type of cold then no problem riding your bike as long as you don't over do it which could make it worse and or drag on longer.

Personally I don't ride my bike even with a simple cold, I wait till about the 4th or 5th day (depending on how I feel) into it before riding the bike, in the meantime I'm resting and drinking lots of fluid. Taking 4 or 5 days off won't set you back on your training.
It depends upon your body's resistance and capability. If you are capable to ride despite you are sick, then it would be fine. But if you feel so weak and weary then it is necessary to take a rest and get well before riding again.
I felt a moderate illness that I thought was an allergy. I went for a 28 mile ride with 2100 ft of climbing and I've been as sick as a dog for three days since and almost unable to sleep. Using strange stuff I managed to get 6 hours of sleep last night and woke up to my breath rattling like dice on a dice table. I will not ride for another week.
Based on everyone's responses here with regards those who are sick yet would still go biking, I don't think it is good to go out while you are sick. You should take some rest when you have common colds. You should not get tired for your cold might end up worse and you might get a fever. Another factor that might worsen your colds is the smoke and dusts that you might inhale when you are outside.