Do You Use Strava While Commuting? Could You Help With My Dissertation?


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Dec 1, 2015
[SIZE=11pt]University of Birmingham study on Strava cycling.
I am currently writing my dissertation how commuter cyclists use Strava Cycling and I am looking for interviewees. Want to make a quick £5 for a 15-20 minute phone interview? You could help add to the academic literature on cycling and policy Contact me at [email protected] Thank you.
I really think you should sign your post with your real name and contact information. Hiding behind a meaningless email address does not really help your case.


Hi Bob,

Thanks for the reply,

I've included my university email address to keep things as professional as possible, and because I've posted the message on quite a few sites. But i can see how I may have come across surreptitiously.

I'd be happy to provide a picture of my university ID card/ phone number/ personal email address upon request.