Do you want a cycle lane?

Discussion in 'UK and Europe' started by David Martin, Oct 22, 2004.

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    > > The 'how to get yourself a cycle lane' according to ican..
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    > Is there an equivalent article on how to get a cycle lane removed?

    Well, it does tell you how to stop getting a lane installed.

    It's my conclusion, from thirty years experience, that the only way
    to get a bad facility removed is by having two deaths on that
    facility, and I'm not going to volunteer.

    Only local deaths count. If you cite deaths in other places, you
    will be told that the situation is just not the same.

    London's Blackfriars Bridge has now reached the two deaths mark, and
    the shit has rather hit the fan. Watch for bulletins

    Jeremy Parker
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    > The 'how to get yourself a cycle lane' according to ican..
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    It's interesting wording in the first paragraph of the first section.

    It doesn't say that lanes ARE a safety measure, it says that lanes
    are SEEN as a safety measure.

    Even then it goes on to say this is apparently only (?) when

    - they WILL benefit cyclists

    - AND minimise the threat of accidents

    From which one may gather that bike lanes do not benefit cyclists all
    the time, and do not minimise the threat of accidents all the time.

    Jeremy Parker
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    Talking to a road enegineer here this morning it would seem the whole
    lot that have been installed here, cycle lanes, pelican crossings with
    PIR pick-ups (walk past and the lights go red, just incase you want to
    cross) and a horribly complex set of road markings that no-one
    understands/follows shouldn't have been allowed. BUT THE COUNCIL WON'T
    forward system thats proving its worth elseware....The one set of
    crossing lights not on PIRs is a main set of traffic lights with
    advanced stop boxes etc, the ped's however glance at the traffic and
    dash, never wait for the "greenman", the number of cyclists avoiding
    them at times is shocking, mind the pavement riding students don't stop
    for anything less than a bus!