Do you wear a skull/sweat cap?


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Oct 28, 2009
I sweat a lot. With the weather finally turning here in Oregon, the sweat is dripping in my eyes. I was looking around the performance bike shop outlet and saw a sweat cap. Simple design, extra cotten on the front which is supposed to absorb the sweat. it is a low profile cap which means you dont really see it below the helmet line. It is made of very light, very breathable nylon and mesh polyester.

is this something you think would be helpful?
Yup. I wear a Sweat Vac Ventilator cap. It keeps the sweat out of my eyes (During the Monsoon, the humidity is high in the desert, and sweat doesn't evaporate so well), and given its UPF rating (40+), it keeps my bare skull from getting either creatively burned or tanned. I don't find that it causes me to be any more warm than I am without it.

For it's worth, cotton is about the worst fabric to choose for the purpose you have in mind: it doesn't dissipate moisture well at all. It saturates, which then prevents it from absorbing anything.
bianchi10 said:
I just posted the link to what I was looking at. Is that what you have?

I don't know who makes Performance's cap. Mine is different and is this. I notice that the Performance cap doesn't have a UPF factor, or at least one isn't listed.
Yeah, I wear one but mainly for protection from stuck bugs/bees. I live in close proximity to a body of water and at this time of year, especially in the evening hours when I ride, the bugs are out in force. It got irritating removing my helmet every so often to make sure an entrapped critter either got free on its own or by way of my efforts...I ride without it whenever possible though for the better ventilation...the ones I own are made of a synthetic material for better wicking...
Sweating is a good thing. Means your skin and pores are clear. Circulation is good in the head and brain. I haven't tried these yet.
No. Because it just messes up my hair and it looks even worse when sweat has collected. Nothing worse popping into the supermarket or visiting the bank while my hair looks all stringy and drenched with sweat. An ordinary cap works well for me when cycling during hot days.
Nope, I've never felt the need to wear anything like that. Then again, I have a lot of hair, so it catches a lot of the sweat even when it's up.