Doctor Maigret and Hinault


Jack Maars

No one has really explained the full details
about the dealing between Hinault and Doctor
Maigret and Doctor Le Foll in '85 and '86.

I know Cyrille Guimard still blows air about
the visits were due to Hinault's knee, but come
on, do you buy that?

How did Hinault take the Col de Navacerrada
climb from Lajarreta that year in the Vuelta?

Greg would have won the '85 TdF. That's
a FACT. On the climb up the Aubisque Paul
Koechli ordered Greg to ease up and not ride
with Roche when Hinault was dropped.
Lemond quote:

" Koechli made me lose the Tour on the day I could have
won it"

end quote
Greg won the stage 21 Lac de Vassiviere TT in that year's
Good on you Greg.
We know, we know the truth.

team La Vie Claire sucks!
Paul Koechli is corrupt!
Hinault dealt with Doctor Maigret between 1984 and 1986!
Greg really won the 1985 TdF!