Does a stress fracture have to hurt?

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  1. Background:
    Last October, I was running about 30-40 mile a week until I hurt my
    foot lifting (leg lunges) and then agrivated it by running twice on it
    (stupid). My second swelled up and the outside of my foot hurt. Took
    two weeks off, limping half of the time. Ran a couple of times and
    went to the HMO and then podiatrist. He poked my foot and gave me a
    rubber band and told me to stretch with it. I wasn't feeling pain so
    started running again and got to about 15-20 miles per week. I even
    played basketball but noted my feet hurt too much after that so I

    No pain, just a slight feeling of swelling at the base of my second
    toe. (I had similar feeling swelling at the base of my heel was worked
    that out rolling a tennis ball.) I can especially feel it when I stand
    on the balls of my feet. Also PF symptoms are gone. I can jump up and
    down without pain, barefoot or with shoes, walk barefoot and get out of
    bed in the morning without pain. The base of the toes just feels
    different from other foot. Any ideas?

    I'm not going to run this month and see what happens

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    No experience with stress fractures, but I once had pain in the base
    nuckle of my right big toe. It was mainly after long runs and I traced
    it to the shoes. This one pair of shoes seemed to make my foot
    push-off more with the big toes. I continued to use the shoes
    occasionally for short training runs. I like to keep several different
    types of shoes active.