Does Anyone Else Like Night Bike Rides?

Yes. Love riding at night and can hammer longer and faster not to mention little or no traffic. I ride to work early (3 am) and in essence do night rides 5 days a week.
I would love to be able to do a night bike ride, because I live in a tropical country, and we are almost cooking ourselves here. But unfortunately, my country is way too dangerous, there's a lot of robbery, delinquency, and a lot of very crazy people that will take me as a target, so yeah, that should be great. Maybe I can try to do it when I'm out of here.
Sometimes, when I can't sleep I ride around our neighborhood. Riding a bike at night sometimes makes me sleepy because of the cold breeze. It's kind of dangerous but so far nothing bad happened to me.
I've done this a few times whenever I felt like it. It somehow feels more adventurous and exciting to bike at night. The places you pass by in the morning look so different. The atmosphere is cool and different people are there compared to the ones you see in the daytime. Such a fun experience.
I used to ride at nights but got hit by a motorcycle once, that ended it. My wife and kids doesnt want me doing biking at night anymore. But night biking is a lot of fun, I use to go out with my neighbors a lot at night to go biking but we always end up drinking somewhere.
Yes, It's really hard to ride a bike during the day here in my place. Very traffic and we don't have a bike lane, The air pollution is really worst, the weather is is hot. That's why I love to ride my bike at night, I feel more safer, and the cold weather is very refreshing
Here in the bay area, there's so much traffic during the day. I feel I am actually safer at night. Less cars, I'm more visible because of the lights, and I don't have to worry about driver's not seeing me due to being blinded by a low horizon sun.
Here in the Philippines is more needed people to use bike in transportation,the road here is narrow and there is always have a traffic because of vehicles.
Although I prefer riding in the morning, night rides are also a treat because of the relatively colder weather. I usually bike with my friends or family though.
I brought my bike on a trip to Fort Lauderdale and there were lots of group rides that started out after sunset. It was a great expirience! I think of lot of the reason is temperature, but with the ride ending at 9:30-10:00 pm, people seemed moe inclined to get a beer than to rush home for dinner.

I typically get my rides in before work, so I'm off the road at sunrise. For visibility purposes, lights that are moving are better spotted by drivers. Lights on tour ankles work well for being seen. I spent $5 and got some red lights that can screw onto your valve stem. I've been told by drivers that they are easily seen and a driver knows it's a bike.
The best time that I always want to ride is during the day and it suits me when I do that at the early hours of the day when some people are even sleeping. It is not that riding at night is not good, but it is quite busier at night in the town that I stay in than even during the day. So, riding at the early hours of the day is what I prefer for that is a perfect time for me to ride.

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