Does anyone post anything about recumbent bikes here?

On Fri, 15 Apr 2005 10:47:34 -0700, "Greg Dunn"
<[email protected]> wrote:

>If you're anywhere near Dublin, CA, a local bike shop named Dublin Cyclery
>has a very nice used one for sale for $399. It's a model that lists for
>$699, if I remember correctly. I'm sure they would ship it, as well

Not even close.

Thanks, anyway.
Mugwump, YOU, what with the bike tools skills, should be training to be
the surgeon. As for Mrs. M., veterinary schools wouldn't take her. My
advice is: divorce her and get yourself another 'bent to occupy her
side of the bed. They are clean, fast, straightforward and never

Hey mugwump,

I found a Revive for you on ebay.

I looked at it closely and it seems to be longing for the solitude of the
mugwump garage. I recommend you jump on this.

By the way, and this is none of my business, but Ms. Mugwump seems to be a
hell of a person and I'm wondering where you managed to find her. Did a
newsgroup help you with this or did you do it on your own?