Does anyone sell/ willing to make plates for a bc wheel?

Discussion in ' archive' started by Uniextreme, May 4, 2004.

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    I don't know off hand if Bedford will do this.....but why
    not shoot him an email?

    I don't see why he wouldn't sell just the plates?

    At least you know you'd be getting the perfect plates for

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    Yeah Darren's the guy to ask.

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    uniextreme, daino, (and anyone else interested in Zack's

    If you want to know more about the platforms or want to buy
    them, call Zack at 916-705-9931. Don't be afraid to call,
    Zack uses the phone a lot, and doesn't communicate by
    internet that much.

    If you really don't feel like calling long-distance or
    whatever, I SUPPOSE you can just email me or post here, and
    I'll tell Zack to contact on through email or pm. He
    occasionally posts here on (under "zack").

    I hope that helps everyone..



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  5. Darren

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    I need your complete address to get a price on shipping
    to the UK.

    Shipping the platforms wouldn't be to much. Shipping the
    whole wheel may be.

    I just shipped a Bedford Deluxe BC wheel to Kris Holm. It
    was 25.00 CDN to send it assembled from Toronto to
    Vancouver. It may have been a little cheaper without the
    platforms attached.

    Send me a e-mail with your address for a shipping rate to

    Thanks, Darren

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  6. Johnfoss

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    Yesterday I made some drawings for Zack Baldwin to make a
    fancier set of BC pegs. He's kind of hyper so he should have
    the next version made pretty soon. These will angle away
    from the wheel with a gusset underneath (not where it will
    interfere with your feet). Plus there will be a lot less
    material in them, and the structure should allow them to be
    lighter. The ones pictured above are pretty heavy but are
    Tommy Miller indestructable.

    I have another idea in my head for an even stronger/lighter
    pair, but each successive improvement is more complicated,
    so would involve more time and effort to make...

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