Does biking looses or gain weight?

I wonder how you going to gain weight by using your bike. Of course losing weight is the natural body reaction for doing that activity. By using your bike often, your body will lose a lot of weight, your cardio will develop and will help you to stay fit.

Any physical activity that can make one sweat for a period of time is also good for shedding some pounds. All that is needed is understanding what it is all about.
It actually depends on how long and how much you do cycling, which are directly proportional to how much weight you are about to lose. It also depends on the work done by you while cycling. The more weary you are because of cycling, the more you are to lose some weight. Moreover, when we sweat, that is the time when we lose calories.
Cycling spends a lot of energy and this means it burns a lot of fats and calories making it a good activity to help lose weight. I always tell people who wants to lose weight or those that have started a diet that they should include cycling to their exercise program because it's very effective.
Cycling helps a person to lose weight because of sweating and also because of the movement of the body while cycling which could help to shape the body. It also develops muscles, that from fats it will become muscles because of the activity of tye body while cycling. It is also a great exercise for those people who wants to improve their cardio and lose weight. So if you're planning to on a diet, I would prefer cycling everyday it will help
Cycling generally promotes weight-loss. Although there are some factors that affect it like your diet and your cycling routine. Well if your eating like a pig cycling for 10 minutes won't cut it.
I have an idea about does biking lose weight, every time you gain a pound you buy a bike that weighs at least a pound and half less, this way as you ride you are actually getting lighter as you ride.

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