Does endurance sport effect our work?


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Mar 24, 2016

My name is Moritz and I’m investigating the performance beliefs of endurance athletes in their sport and at work. This research will be used to gain a better understanding of the factors that drive successful endurance performance and how endurance sport influences our work experience.

So far, participants from the Triathlon community are underrepresented in this study so your participation is much appreciated!

Please consider taking part if you are currently training at a minimum of once a week for an upcoming swimming event, are employed, or self-employed, or a student/ intern/ apprentice, and over 18 years old.

If you whish to be informed about the results of the study, please leave your email address at the end of the survey. This is optional of course! Your information will be kept confidential and will under no circumstances be shared with any third party.

To get to the survey, please follow this link:

I hope you enjoy taking part in the survey!

I would guess that if you are conditioning for something of significant effort then you have strong discipline and the ability to stick to goals, and those are all things that you need to be successful at work. An able body usually means an able mind and those two work well together to make overall able person.
rz3300, thanks for your comment!

Although there is some supporting literature for my topic, there is no research that proves true the particular question I'm researching with my team. I'm afraid I cannot tell you what we are looking at exactly. Answers by participants who read this would be bias. If you are interested in the results, please consider taking part and don't forget to leave your email in the end. Of course you can take part without leaving your email address.

Also, thanks a lot for those who already completed the survey!
We just began to collect data so everybody reading this is welcomed to take part in the survey!

Happy Easter!
Any training for sport, whether endurance or not, has a good effect not only on the physical aspect of the person but mostly on the behavior and mindset. Endurance sport is like challenging oneself to the limits of the human body and training for that is not easy but in fact very tedious and sometimes the body is even abused. With regards to work, particularly in the office, my colleagues who are engaged in endurance sport appear healthier than the rest of the employees.
Endurance is definitely a good thing to have. You will breathe easier in tense situations, and you will get tired less when you are flooded with work. You can walk faster to places before breathing heavily, and you can definitely see yourself being more energetic because you have more source of energy through endurance training. Training also releases endorphins into your system, which also means that you get to be a lot happier and in a better mood more often.
I believe endurance training absolutely does impact work experience. There is a hidden muscle that is worked during endurance training and that is will power. Will power is required in both completing difficult work and for completing a difficult workout. Thus, one certainly impacts the other.
Developing Endurance is great even if you are not a professional athlete (of course, for an amateur the training is far less intensive). Training releases endorphins into your system, yes, that keeps you motivated to stick on a scheduled training program and relieves stress.
You'll often find that what you do as a hobby will influence other areas of your life also, I'd imagine, and that would be the same with any type of training, and especially endurance training.

You'll develop willpower, and discipline, and that can only have a positive impact throughout your life, including helping you with your working life also.

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