does Ride-A-Lot have woman boobies?



I think Ride-A-Lot, if he takes his shirt off, has woman boobies.

So not only can he NOT ride a MTB, even equal to nursing home
residents, he has a body like a woman, and even wears a training bra.

Now had she not started ranking on me with mockery, insulting me in the
name of being a little witch puppet who got this way because he can't
stand up for herself, Virginia Newbon wouldn't be able to use her if he
stood up for herself and wasn't a celery stick in apple dip.

I could help Ride-Her-Lot much, alls he would have to do is buy me a

Obviously I embarrassed her pretty good, cuz he took that picture off
his site where he was in evil knevil tights.

Mr. Beanz

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Aug 18, 2015
I actually like it a little jiggle myself. Those fake boobies are too stiff.