Does your bike hold sentimental value or is it just a tool?

yes that is very true and I am trying to remind myself that it's just a "thing". When its time to upgrade we'll see what happens.
High sentimental value for one of them;

After my first wife died I used some of her life insurance money to buy a roadbike. It was the first bike I’d had with STI and has a New Zealand made Columbus steel frame. It wasn’t top spec but really good.

Over the years I’ve put a carbon fork on it, sandblasted and repainted the frame (done my own name and decals for it – one matches a tattoo I have) and turned it into a single speed training bike.

It’s as developed as it can be in that roll.

I’ll never sell it;

1/ it reminds me of Marianne

2/it’s a cool old singlespeed and great for training

3/ I’ve put a lot of time, effort and $ into it

4/ no one I train with rides a singlespeed


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