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Jun 10, 2004
So, I'm out on my ride today when I get a flat. No biggee. Whip off the rear wheel, pull out the tube, look/feel for sharp things in tire, and then reach for the spare tube in my back pocket. Spare tube would be the correct term as butyl tubing was spare on the spare tube. Apparently, I've been riding the last three months with a spare tube that I had cut-up, using the cut-out bits of tubing for useful purposes on the bike and elsewhere! I guess it's a good thing I've always got a patch kit with me on the bike.
This happened to me last week except the front tire was flat before the ride. The side of the valve stem was damaged(unpatchable). No spare on the shelf, as I was soon to figure out. Almost time for the bike shop to close so I called my old buddy there to leave a couple of tubes outside.
"Rick will be back on Monday". ****! I didn't know this person so I called my wife who was in town but she was still in the grocer store and would never make it in time to the LBS.
In desperation I had her go by Walmart and on the way I told her the size I needed and explained the types of valves she might encounter and what not to buy.
So she calls me and says "it says Schrader" "Throw it down honey those are poisonous". BAD, BAD!
She finally finds a Presta valve and it is within the general size of what I need. She said it should work since it read "universal tube".
Yes honey I am sure it will fit my Audi also, but it did fit the bike and only cost $4 and change.
It saved me missing 3 days of riding since I could not get into town on Saturday and the LBS is closed on Sunday.
Don't tell anyone that I am riding on a Walmart tube.
alienator said:
I guess it's a good thing I've always got a patch kit with me on the bike.

Ahh one of the few people who can fix a flat on the road it seems. But as you proven, an ounce of cure prevents a pound of headaches...err something like that!