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    On 31 Aug 2005 14:36:08 GMT, Roos Eisma wrote:

    > Off on a sideline: what was her original citizenship, did she lose that,
    > and why did she take British citizenship?

    She's Australian, she didn't lose it (it was tucked safely away at the back
    of a drawer). She'd been entitled to British citizenship for years, but
    never took it up as Australia had, until recently, a silly rule which meant
    that if you took up citizenship of another country you automatically lost
    Australian citizenship. She applied for British citizenship soon after this
    law was dropped[1] as at the time we may have been moving to Germany with
    my work and being a citizen of an EU country would have made it less
    hassle. In the end we didn't go to Germany, we're now all out in Australia
    and it's me having to fill in all the forms for the next stage of becoming
    an Aussie -

    1) Do you know that thongs are worn on feet, not your arse? - check
    2) Can you cremate a steak on a barbie? - check
    3) Do you know at least two people with any of the following names; Kylie,
    Raelene, Noelene or normal names with unusual spellings, e.g. Aimie,
    Cambell, Loren? - check
    4) Football with a round ball is only played by .....? - girls

    > As it looks like I'm staying here I wonder occasionally if there is any
    > point in formalising that.

    Maybe not as you're already an EU citizen. Mind you, part of the reason for
    me getting an Aussie citizenship is that I'm currently the only member of
    our family who doesn't have two passports. As we plan to do some travelling
    off the beaten track when our son is older it can come in very handy to
    have two different passports. So do you fancy having two passports?


    [1] Apparently this law was abolished partly due to Rupert Murdoch taking
    US citizenship and loosing his Australian citizenship.

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    Colin Blackburn wrote:

    > davek wrote:
    >> If I had work for the notional two weeks I've been called up for, I
    >> would earn enough to outweigh the fine for non-attendance,
    >> notwithstanding the so-called "loss of earnings" pittance that won't
    >> even cover my mortgage. The longer the trial goes on, the more it would
    >> be in my interest to skive.
    >> I tell you, if I go in to that court and I hear the words "McLibel",
    >> I'm out of there faster than you can say "super size me".

    > The McLibel trial had no jury. McD's managed to persuade the judge that
    > the issues were far too complex for ordinary mortals---thus sparing them
    > two years of their lives. ObCycling: I believe the McLibel two both
    > cycle regularly.
    > Colin

    And jury members would probably not have had jobs to return to,
    employers only have to keep your job open for your return for 6 months IIRC