Domina Vacanze threaten legal action over Tour exclusion

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    VITANOVA MARCHE, Italy, June 17 (Reuters) - World champion Mario Cipollini's Domina Vacanze team
    have threatened legal action against the organisers of the Tour de France after their exclusion from
    this year's race.

    The Italian team said in a statement on Tuesday they had lodged an appeal to the International
    Cycling Union (UCI) -- cycling's ruling body -- alleging Tour organisers had not followed UCI rules
    for team selection for international stage races.

    If the appeal is rejected the team said they would consider taking legal action in Paris against the
    organisers of the race that starts on July 5.

    "We have decided to appeal to the UCI because the organisers of the Tour de France did not follow
    rule 2.6.003 regarding the 'sporting logic' for the selection of the teams for the Tour de France
    because they invited several teams which were lower than the Domina Vacanze team in the UCI
    rankings," said team spokesman Gilberto Petrucci.

    "They also did not respect the UCI principal of equality amongst UCI members by selecting a French
    team ahead of an Italian team.

    "We hope the UCI will accept that we are right and give us a place in the Tour de France, otherwise
    we will consider taking legal action against the race organisers in France."

    Last month organisers handed their last four wild cards to three French teams, Brioches La
    Boulangere, AG2r Prevoyance and Jean Delatour, as well as Basque team Euskaltel.

    The decision was made at the expense of Cipollini's outfit. The world champion broke the record of
    stage wins in the Giro d'Italia last month and asked Tour de France race director Leblanc to
    reconsider his position.

    Leblanc later upheld the decision to exclude Domina Vacanze.

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