Don’t drink when you ride


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May 26, 2015
The drink I am referring to are alcoholic drinks. I am posting this because I have seen some cyclists who are passing by our village who are drinkers. The smell of alcohol it may be whiskey or brandy. I could see in their actuation that they are under the influence of alcohol. But I wonder why they do that when they ride. One rider opined that those drunken cyclists may have been to an overnight party and yet proceeded with their riding schedule on the next morning. That may be an isolated case but I’m sure it’s not the only group that does that.
I don’t know how the laws are in other locations, but here you can actually get fined for riding your bicycle while drunk. Police will literally stop people at random and give them breathalyzer tests. In any case, people shouldn’t look to avoid getting caught, but rather simply not doing it.

I myself went out riding a couple of times while under the influence, and it never turns out well. I find the biggest issue is keeping attention to the road. A few times I ended up focusing on something random or just dazing out, and it even resulted in me getting into an accident. Thankfully it wasn’t anything serious, but enough to act as reminder to not drink and drive, whether in cars or on bicycles.
Drunk driving no matter the vehicle is still drunk driving and if there's no law in your area regarding that, then bring it up with the authorities.
You can't ride a bike when you're under the influence of liquor. It's actually illegal and dangerous to yourself and to others if you ride in the streets drunk.
Yeah, sometimes it's really hard to avoid that, but we should be responsible and don't drink too much. I admitted that I'm also doing the same thing, and the worst is I'm riding my motorcycle. But I always leave my motorcycle to the place where we drink and get it back tomorrow and sometimes in the gasoline station, I'm not forcing my self to drive even I know I'm able to drive.
My father like most of the men in the neighborhood after the WW II was a drunk. He wasn't quite as bad as some who never took a sober breath from the time they got up to the time they passed out, but it was bad enough. So I am a very light drinker with wine or beer only. I might have a beer on a slow, long ride but certainly no more.
Florida law classes bikes as vehicles, and the riders as drivers. We are subject to the same laws as car drivers (except we are allowed to ride on the sidewalks). If a cop sees a cyclists weaving all over the place, he's going to stop that rider and put him through a sobriety test. An arrest may follow, and charges will be filed. I lost a young niece to a drunk driver, so I have a particular gripe against anyone who is drunk in a public place.

Occasionally, I may have one beer with dinner in a restaurant, but I will not drive home. It's possible that I could be involved in an accident which is not my fault, but I would always wonder if I could have reacted faster without a beer inside me. I've been drunk to the point I've passed out, but that was nearly forty years ago. I never drove a car or rode a bike in that condition. Fortunately I realized how foolish drunkenness is, and gave it up before I wrecked my health.