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    Thank you for stop and taking your time.

    Ride On, Jonathan!
    Recycle-A-Bicycle is proud to announce that one of our graduates, Jonathan Mejia, will be riding cross-country to benefit our organization, promote social change, and to take on the challenge of 3,600 miles by bike. He started at our IS 218/Children’s Aid Society, graduated to RAB Instructor, and now works full-time at Metro. Please read this letter, and consider giving Jonathan your support.

    Dear Friends, Family and other Supportive Individuals,

    I need your help. This summer, I’m planning on biking across the United States. I have been accepted as a rider in the 2005 Bike-Aid program, a 10 week bicycle trip from San Francisco to Washington D.C that combines community living, physical challenge, service learning, and fundraising for global and local concerns.
    In order to participate, I must commit to raising one dollar per mile for the 3,600 miles that I will ride, and cover trip expenses. Altogether, I must collect $4,000 by May 31st! I’m looking for 100 people to sponsor me at a penny per mile ($36), or a donation of frequent flier miles that will take me to San Francisco. Funds that I raise will be distributed in the following manner: $400 will cover my trip expenses, $1,200 will support Recycle-a-Bicycle, and $2,400 will support the community groups we visit over the summer.
    Bike Aid will enable me to promote the use of bicycles as an alternative form of transportation by setting an example to those we meet along our route. The Bike Aid group will be hearing lectures at churches, visiting community groups and participating in service projects that they have organized for us. After having the opportunity to see the country at a grass roots level and to learn about important social issues, I will meet with my elected representatives in Washington, D.C. to discuss key issues that I learn about.
    For nine years, I have been involved with Recycle-A-Bicycle: since I was 11 years old. I have volunteered as a teen mentor and as a bike mechanic at regional rides for many years. Currently, I work at Metro Bicycles. I will be able to help the group with mechanical difficulties that happen during our cross-country trek. I believe my experience with and love for bicycles, qualifies me to not only participate, but to also be an asset to others on the trip.
    Please help me to make my dream of riding cross-country come true. Donations can be made by check: Jonathan Mejia/Bike Aid Program, 20 Sickles St BSMT. New York, NY 10040. If you have any questions or comments, contact me at (212) 544-8198 or send an e-mail to
    [email protected] Donations are tax-deductible.