Don't let sweat dry on your shirt


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May 26, 2015
When old folks here see you with a dripping shirt after a physical exertion, they would tell you to change clothes or take a bath. Letting your shirt dry while you are wearing it may give you spasm - that is an ailment where you get involuntary movement of your fingers, limbs or any other part of your body. Some people believe in that. And to be on the safe side, we just follow that advice to take a bath while the shirt is still wet or to change clothes. Take note that we are in a tropical country.
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I tend to believe that sweaty clothes when left to dry without changing could cause a person to get sick. It's just like being soaked in rain without changing. The way I see it our skin would absorbed the salty sweat and this would lead to various ailments. It's best to take of your clothes and to dry yourself first with a towel and take a quick rest before you take a shower. Also if your going riding bringing along a change of clothing would be a good idea.
While getting sick due to sweat left to dry is up for debate, I don't really get why some people are comfortable just wearing sweaty or wet clothes when resting when they can just change clothes and dry themselves with a towel. I personally hate the feeling I get when wearing really sweaty clothes after physical activity.
Don't wear a shirt that gets sweaty. In the heat around here Gina wears something that doesn't gather sweat over her upper body. She wears something that let's her even out her tan lines as well. After the ride a quick wipe down with a towel and she's good for the trip home and a shower.


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