Don't let your meat loaf...

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    > > > > Do you let your human lay on the counter?

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    > > Think "newlyweds".
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    > > <smirk>

    > LOL - Oh, Om, you've resurrected a memory I thought I'd successfully buried!
    > Aaaagh! I used to be a shift manager at Pizza Hut. The GM and the
    > Assistant were having an affair. They were quite open about the fact that
    > they'd done it *everywhere* in the store. I started coming into open early
    > so I could scrub every available surface down with sanitizer before opening.
    > Excuse me while I look for something to lobotomize myself with!
    > Lisa Ann

    That's too damned funny...... ;-D

    Thanks for sharing that!
    Peace, Om.

    "My mother never saw the irony in calling me a son-of-a-bitch." -Jack Nicholson

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    On Sun, 12 Feb 2006 05:19:23 GMT, Lisa Ann wrote:
    > When I was married, we trained our 3 cats with duct tape. We'd put it
    > sticky-side up on the counter, they'd jump up and...freaked them out every
    > time. Training *and* entertainment! They'd stay off the counters for a few
    > months, then we'd catch them up there again, and back came the duct tape!

    That's an interesting idea! You turned the edges over to secure the
    stips to the counter or just laid them on it sticky side up? Did you
    cover the entire counter or just put a down? Did you pull out much
    cat hair when removing the tape?

    > I have no counters in my kitchen now, so the only thing I have to worry
    > about is Tasha leaping off the refrigerator onto my head.

    How's that working for you? LOL

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