don't use 80%-85%


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Dec 10, 2002

Someone told me that i shouldn't use the 80%-85% of MHR during training, because i don't train anything. He said he had red it in an American articel.

What do you think of this?

I think it depends on what intensity you are talking about and how long you are training at that intensity. Many ascribe to believing that 80-85% of MHR is to easy to benefit from and too hard to recover from but avg. HR's during a 2.5 hour race are usually in this range and typically, if you are watching your HR while in the pack, it is near this range. Granted it is and average for a whole race and there are fluctuations but I think that it can be very beneficial to train at this intensity during long tempo like efforts.
Training at any intensity is benefical for some riders and less benefical for others. The training that you do should reflect the racing that your are going to do. But don't make the mistake that many do (i.e. train to complete the event), do training that will help you win (e.g. in a road race long endurance rides will get you around the race, but without sprinting etc. you wont win).
Thanks for your messages. I think i can do something with this. I will train in 80-85% because i will need it.

But also has to train on sprinting and other things.

Is this 80%-85% using heart rate reserve or absolute heart rate ?

Hello Leon,

I'm not sure what you mean. But i think absolute heart rate.

The calculation for 'Heart Rate Reserve' takes into account your resting heart rate, while the other calculations are based on absolute maximum heart rate. Obviously this has an impact because because if you use HRR or MHR, you get different zones.