Double Step Front End Actually Works


Doug Goncz

Supplied by Harris, TA cogs 24-35-51 and an R443 road triple using mountain shifter indexing.

They work! More adjustments are needed, but it does work.

This is a double step system with 34-28-23-19-16-13-11, in even steps. Each front cog is the
equivalent of two on the rear so there are 7 gears in middle, two more in low, and two more in high.
I do not have a preferred pace, really, I am rather restless.

That R443 is pivoted in a different way. It goes over and UP, accomodating the large tooth
difference, while still being rated in print the usuall 22/11 or whatever it always is. It takes a
lot of pull.

The ramped and pinned 35 and pinned 51 TA cogs make a difference, too.

I believe I will purchase a 1 3/8 two piece, two screw shaft collar to support the derailer during
fine adjustment. This would come from


Oh, note this is a prototype of an automatic transmission so even step size and wide range is
critical. The system would warn the rider of an impending shift, and the rider could expect the same
size jolt each time. That's why. The actual controller is miles away.

If you don't get the right bolts for the TA 24 they will loosen.

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