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    Each individual has the right to choose the path of healing that is best for them. Information is available and abundant to everyone, so there are no excuses for uninformed choices. Dr. Benesh was my physician for several years and I found him to be a kind, caring, and informed Naturopath. I was pleased with my experience as his patient. In the 70's and 80's there was a large group of individuals seeking qualified and experienced Naturopath's, they were very hard to find. He was top in his field and esteemed within that circle.

    Alternative medicine has always been controversial, though people relied upon it for years before the medical profession was organized into what it is today. Alternative medicine "was" the medicine of years ago. Medicine began with herbs and other plant products from the Earth, until the demand became great and the supply threatened to the point they had to create synthetics to meet the demand. Man was also able to use his intelligence and creativity to create the technology and miracle drugs that fight diseases the the body is unable to handle.

    There is a place and a need for both traditional and alternative care; we have a right to choose. Give the body a chance to heal itself whenever possible, as it was designed to do, then seek out further help as needed and necessary. Dr. Benesh was a good man and I'm sure he helped many people. There are no absolute guarantees in either field, each individual must choose what is right for them.