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    I went to Dr. Benesh in the 70's. I loved him! I was so healthy that people thought I was a teenager when I was 32. I have often tried to find his diet cut couldn't. I found the principals of what he taught, but I don't have his two page diet... e.g. green beans, salad, potato one night, artichoke, avocado, salad the next night. Does ANYONE have that diet? I remember him telling me artichokes were for me! He also helped my kids, taking me off of breast feeding (only the 3rd person in his career) and putting him on raw goat milk I got from friends who had goats. It was the first night my son slept all the way through the night at 7 months. I was starving my kid and my body was too acid to be of any benefit to my son. I started off my kids eating veggies and fruit and carrot juice and to this day, while grown men, they still eat healthy.

    Would appreciate anyone who has his diet!