Dr Sargent and the fountain of youth.

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    I am forwarding this discussion from another NG.. my comments
    and history, links and a few excerpts from research by Sargant
    and others in the 1940's

    Phil Scott

    Arnaldo.... Thanks for this reference..

    I am stunned by the accuracy of Dr. Sargants work....and the
    pervasive degree to which it is ignored in the modern science
    of sleuthing the alzheimers/ amyloid issues.... by thousands
    of scientists world wide...

    NONE are mentioning any of this range of issues.. they have
    gone myopic and state that the mess is still unfathomable to
    them (a few spotty exceptions)...

    for me as you noticed his work is confirmed by my own
    experience... arrived at by accidents of chemistry etc...
    these plaques are of multiple sources and causes... and
    getting rid of them indeed creates a resurgence of youth.

    I was amazed by Sargents statement that these plaques could
    occupy up to **30% ** !! of cell volume as one aged...
    totally had to even fathom.. except from my own almost
    unbelievable experience.

    I had come to that conclusion myself observing the changes in
    shape of my own body parts as I de-amyloided as I call it (no
    doubt other than amyloids were rejected)...

    The sheer volume of the effluent at the various rejection
    nodes (ganglia as shown in diagrams of the nervous system, and
    direct dumps into the colon).

    The effluent over the last 8 years, by volume was huge..a big
    suprise. and the other signs as discussed in my series
    searchable on google (advanced search... fill in *only two
    boxes...author=phil scott and subject=amyloid,
    microglia, immune, amyloids, synapse, dendron...(one word at
    a time for each search) will bring up details on how this was
    quantified and pervasive.... so I had concluded that I had
    lost maybe 10 or 20% of my body mass due to rejection of these

    that might be close to Sargents 30% of cell mass when you
    subtract bone and fluid mass from the calculation...I was
    certainly growing rummy and physically feeble by age 58.

    (today I am robust and on my bikes again, including a kick ass
    600cc dirt oval racer..thats 80mph or so into the turns on the
    1/4 mile..sliding sideways.. at age 64)

    a few other examples.
    My ear lobes (full of nerve endings btw) shrunk about 50%...
    my nose has lost is bulky lines of older age, and fatty
    nodules at the bridge and side of the nose are about 80%
    dissapeared, and under the skin, attached to the cartilage,
    harder nodules have dissapeared (in stages)... the skin is now
    very smooth where before it looked normal..but 'normal' as an
    old persons skin compares to a very young persons skin...both
    can be called smooth...but the childs skin is pure silk by
    comparrison... under the adult skin is all this debris...
    thats gone now in my case to a large extent...and with that
    has returned my wits to levels I never had even in my youth.
    ...and my physical robustness, although I am not carrying 100
    lb compressors up 20' ladders as I was before...but I could..
    there are some joint regeneration issues, these cant stand the
    abuse they once could..but are improving rapidly.

    Sargents work will see a revival to the great benefit of
    research in these areas thanks to Arnaldo.,..

    the suddenness of the recovery of mice in sargents experiment
    beats what I experienced by a wide margin. Those exact
    protocols need to be resurfaced.

    I will look into Sargents route now...mine worked to whatever
    degree... but it would be fatal for some people so I have not
    been recommending it , and it was slow and painful as hell and
    for all I know with some regrettable side effects.

    This piece posted to ACT under 'amyloids' so that it comes up
    on a subject search on the topic.

    Phil Scott

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    > This would be backed up by William Sargants observations on

    > and stress induced battle fatgue
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    > Phil you might like this stuff, Ive found it very helpful
    > a peptide called serrapeptase
    > Hans A. Nieper, M.D., an internist from Hannover, Germany,

    studied the
    > effects of serrapeptase on plaque accumulations in the

    arteries. The
    > formation of plaque involves deposits of fatty substances,
    > cholesterol, cellular waste products, calcium and fibrin (a

    > material in the blood) on the inner lining of the arteries.

    > plaque results in partial or complete blockage of the

    blood's flow
    > through an artery, resulting in arteriosclerosis, or

    hardening of the
    > arteries, and an ensuing stroke or heart attack. The

    evidence to
    > support serrapeptase's role in preventing plaque build-up is
    > anecdotal. Still, further studies are called for in this

    area as
    > Nieper's research indicated that the protein-dissolving

    action of
    > serrapeptase will gradually break down atherosclerotic

    > and this one:
    > Centrophenoxine - Lipofuscin remover
    > One of the earliest discoveries from animal studies showed

    > centrophenoxine (DMAE) is extremely effective at reducing

    > levels. Lipofuscin is a "garbage residue" biochemical

    > that accumulates over a lifetime, sometimes reaching 30% of

    the cell
    > volume in aged animals.
    > As cells accumulate ever more lipofuscin they become ever

    > functional, and they may die rapidly when a critical

    threshold of
    > lipofuscin accumulation is reached.
    > Animal studies have shown centrophenoxine to be highly

    efficient at
    > removing this cellular garbage- notable reductions in mice

    > within 6 weeks. One study with aged rats found a 28-42%

    reduction in
    > brain lipofuscin levels after 8 weeks of centrophenoxine

    > Both human and animal studies have shown that low lipofuscin

    > correlate with healthy cellular function, while high

    > accompanies poor cellular health.
    > Through a variety of animal experiments measuring learning

    > and memory, aged animals whose high lipofuscin levels were

    reduced by
    > centrophenoxine, also had their memory and learning

    abilities restored
    > to a level similar to healthy young animals, while untreated

    > lipofuscin control animals did not.
    > Centrophenoxine - Cognition enhancement
    > The chief component of centrophenoxine is DMAE. DMAE is

    part of the
    > choline betaine cycel, natural to human and animal cells.
    > By adding a methyl group (CH3) to DMAE, choline (also called
    > trimethyl-aminoethanol) is formed. The choline thus formed

    may then
    > be used to make other valuable biochemicals, such as the

    > neurotransmitter acetylcholine, or the essential membrane

    > phosphatidylcholine and sphingomyelin.
    > >
    > >Im working on this.. so its loose right now. I have some
    > >evidence to back this up, and my blood presssure dropped

    for a
    > >time from the 160 over 100+ range to 117 over 67.
    > >
    > >Thats a near miracle. Medical science seldom see's this

    > >with high blood pressure medication...not even close.
    > >
    > >The causes for this dramatic change should be of great
    > >interest.
    > >
    > >I'm aged 64..
    > >Currently my blood pressure is running after a stressful

    > >at 135 over 75 or so.. a high normal range I last saw 10

    > >ago....it would be lower if I were more honest I believe

    but I
    > >fudged recently and instantly my blood pressure went up 10
    > >points...unfudging can be problematical. I think this

    > >end up being a very big issue in medicine.
    > >
    > >
    > >I dont know all of the factors yet by a wide margin and I

    > >extrapolationg much of what Im typing here.
    > >
    > >Its going to be brief.
    > >
    > >The brain forms links between neurons with each
    > >consideration.. inaccurate considerations or lies will imho
    > >create a lot of extra links, non functional links between
    > >neurons in an effort to rationalize the bogus notions and

    > >them functional in the actuality of life..
    > >
    > >
    > >these amount to cludge in the brain.. that would be

    > >by the brains immune function, except that its tagged as
    > >'necessary'..by the lying, decieved or confused person..so

    > >microgia will put a hold on thier reaction...these bogus
    > >networks then proliferate.. in time taking over the brain

    > >producing the predomination of the terminally dense among

    > >
    > >When upset though or stressed, by the disconnect between

    > >considerations and reality these bogus nerve junctions and
    > >networks will go hyper active... this hyper activity is

    > >to attract amyloid deposits... and these are attacked by

    > >microglia on an ongoing basis to some degree... but not
    > >entirely as the amyloid seems to be somewhat useful in
    > >solidifying neural links and has some value in that regard

    > >the microglia are not overly active against them.
    > >
    > >...apparently.
    > >
    > >The immune response thus generated creates inflamation

    > >wide that drives up blood pressure..(my theory) ...
    > >inflamation is now considered to be a factor in many

    > >and I believe high blood pressure... so as one accumulates
    > >'alien' neural linkages in the brain.. inflamation results

    > >runs up blood pressure...the stress of the conflict tenses

    > >muscles running it up further. until ones teeth chatter

    > >the doctor must prescribe relaxants.. then we have a limp
    > >fallus problem that the ladies find so regrettable.
    > >
    > >Its from lying mostly... apparently God dint want the lying
    > >bastards among us to reproduce well.
    > >
    > >
    > >
    > >
    > >
    > >
    > >(A redundant note on my de-amyloid experience...I catalyzed
    > >the amyloid chemically so it became then totally alien and

    > >microglia attacted it in stages and has eliminated most of

    > >and my brain functions now like greased lighting...I am

    > >an elaborate wiring project now, programmable logic driven

    > >am wiring it with no diagrams in many spots and doing

    things I
    > >have never been able to do before..and with no stress
    > >reactions, which were almost debilitating previously on
    > >complex projects, now I remain undisturbed as I sort out

    > >perform in these areas...thats because there is not much

    > >in the brain that the immune funtion attacks (releasing

    > >that create anxiety).
    > >
    > >
    > >What causes a persons brain go hyper active?
    > >Attack, or threats of attack.. especially attack that is

    > >seen clearly enough to be recognised as such...subliminally
    > >seen, then its not rationalized and the brain goes
    > >hyperactive. thats my theory. Ambient hostile or over
    > >stressed intent...attempts to discredit. spin negatively,

    > >abuse etc. so common in many settings we consider it

    > >OK..but its fatal actually.
    > >
    > >not instantly fatal...but fatal over time. and sometimes

    > >a long time either. It ruins life.
    > >
    > >
    > >Lies will do it...telling lies..or being lied to ...or ill
    > >intent from others not recognised fully.. will cause the

    > >to go into hyper active mode looking for defenses, the
    > >rationale, etc.
    > >
    > >Anything bogus I believe will run up blood pressure by

    > >mechanisms ... one unexpected example would be a television
    > >anchor man faking sincerity or deep voice or a jovial

    > >.when its just a show... when that becomes enough of a
    > >nonsequiter, some people will get an inflamitory immune
    > >reaction I believe... in a few years no doubt there will be
    > >much research into these issues...currently though they fly
    > >under the radar.
    > >
    > >
    > >
    > >Some of us grew up in deceptive envirornments..where bogus
    > >behavior of various stripes was the rule..it looked

    > >it was glossed up real well..its pretty common...pervasive

    > >heavy... it stressed us.. then as one ages continued
    > >association allows those bogus neural links to accumulate

    > >the stress reactions start to go exponential ....and high
    > >pressure in old age develops .....with no currently known
    > >cure....
    > >
    > >except.... as I discovered a few days ago with the results
    > >noted above,
    > >
    > >....you completely and terminally disconnect from such...

    > >our own head and spiritually, not necessary to tell
    > >others..that might just create more constermation..but in

    > >head decide to utterly disconnect. completely, with the
    > >*entire network of people,, the kiddies, and all...... then
    > >the threat reaction ceases and the immune system relaxes,

    > >inflamation drops and the blood pressure drops magically

    > >an optimal range.
    > >
    > >an utterly stunning result.
    > >
    > >Only after such a disconnection does one then begin to

    > >the gross abuse that was going on... previously considered
    > >nothing or just minor day to day happenings... once out of
    > >that loop, the destructive nature can be recognized.... its
    > >quite obvious. Entire groups will clone such destructive
    > >behaviors.. these become the defacto mode of operation...
    > >failing to see the pervasive situation and disconnecting

    > >from an obvious source will not handle the problem as I see
    > >it. Magic will not happen with a partial disconnection...

    > >pervasive mess must be completely severed...THEN magic
    > >happens.
    > >
    > >
    > >Also prior to such disconnection one is focused on it..
    > >preoccupied with coping with it... not really relating to

    > >rest of life... alien... stuck on the unrealized confusions
    > >and threats and reacting always in those fashions

    > >more and more amyloid in the process...its fatal)... not

    > >ones natural and usually quite wonderful self.
    > >
    > >
    > >After such disconnection..and thats not just say from a

    > >person, but an entire group and thier kiddies some of whom

    > >wonderful...but sadly of the same genetic line.... and flow
    > >patterns etc.. a pervasive disconnection to what most would
    > >consider utterly anti social levels... magic happens.
    > >
    > >Ones natural humanity returns in a flash, completely...joy
    > >returns, strangers greet you on the street... ones blood
    > >pressure drops to joyous levels.... such a person has not

    > >much regained his life, as defaulted from a hostile pre
    > >occupation with lies, spin and deceptions... all of which

    > >life so the being reacts...its the reaction thats fatal.
    > >
    > >Then the natural person re-emerges. Its not preventable..

    > >is imho also not possible to be in this condition by ones

    > >force of will ...since one is locked into the reaction by

    > >unrecognised deceptions etc in his envirnoment...only after
    > >that is seen for what it is, and roundly rejected...ia real
    > >advabce, or should I say return to natural and joyous
    > >humanity, possible.
    > >
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    > >Phil Scott
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