Drag Brake Setup??

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    You might want to do a search for brake, but 'here's a thread '
    (http://tinyurl.com/mmhf4)about the brake I :D installed on a Coker
    :cool: that can be used as a drag brake. Complete with pictures.:eek:


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    pdc wrote:
    > Does anyone have a pic of their drag brake setup, and "how to" info?
    > I've heard Roger talk about using these http://tinyurl.com/cvtm8 and
    > wondered what was needed to implement using them.

    Sarah Miller and Paul Selwood have these on their cokers.

    To implement it, attach one of these levers instead of the brake lever
    and fit a cable operated brake, I believe they have side-pull caliper
    brakes, which worked okay on the stock coker rim.

    If you want a drag brake lever in addition to a non-drag brake, you
    have to do more complicated things with the cable. Sheldonbrown.com has
    something with a nutty double brake lever setup that might help here.



    my pics http://gallery.unicyclist.com/albuq44
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