Dragonfly bikepacking setup: transverse saddlebag + qr cargo cages


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Nov 3, 2016
Hi, I wanted to share with you some information about my DIY bikepacking bags ;)

At first I needed a smaller bag which would replace my pannier during one day trips. I have a rack mounted in my vintage Gazelle Randonneur Trophy all the time – in this case I see transverse saddlebag as superior over saddlebag in classical shape.

I thought about buying Carriadice bag, but they use cotton duck which is to heavy for my taste :| My cycling setup would gain weight instead of loosing it, because pannier in same size is lighter.


I decided to make my own bag of Cordura which saved 400 grams without sacrificing functionality. Finally I also added few useful features as additional bottom strap with buckle (yes, I am using buckles wherever it's possible), which makes attaching my bag to rack very fast and makes luggage more stable. I added a handle, now there is a way to catch the bag in less than a second – no need to attach shoulder strap every time...


I also made a QR mount which works with all my saddles. It has adjustable mounting width and added some “distance” (some saddles have their rails hidden you need some kind of a spacer).


As I made my new MTB bike with dirt drop I thought about getting some cages for front fork. The problem is when you have suspension front fork /or you don't want to carry them all the time (and make our bike heavier ~400 grams forever ;((( ). For these reasons I designed my QR polycarbonate cage, which can work with suspension front forks or forks with eyelets.

HERE you can see my stuff in action:

Feel free to share your thoughts about it and ask any questions.

I am planning to start a crowdfunding campaign with saddlebags in two sizes and the cargo cage and if you like my bag you'll be able to get it.


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Nov 3, 2016
UPDATE! Sorry for not post anything for a longer time. I was really busy preparing for a INDIEGOGO

presale which starts next week!

I also made some improvements in my QR Cargo Cages. I am posting few more images

Large Saddlebag (about 22 liters) with extended lid



Medium Saddlebag (about 12 liters)



Quick Release Cargo Cage (each bag 7 liters)



(it comes in two options)


Quick Release saddlebag Mount


If you haven't seen the video:

View: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4bljg1glyzg

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