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  1. A buzzing Spectre circles me…
    Shooo, you!

    “No, not! Me, your Ghostest,
    Your Host, I’m Alistair with the Most,
    That One Who Mistook
    Hat,” Alistair thoughtfully enunciates
    To us.

    O. I know, yes, you anchor “All Pets

    “C’est moi!,” says our host, “Just dropping
    By to advertise, a public service
    Announcement ~

    ~ Morning Wood Inter ~
    National Acoustic Public Radio ~
    “All Pets Considered”
    ~ * ~ Your Best Mourning
    Afternoon News…

    * & Public Commentary, or Your Best
    Community Tittle ~
    Every weekday,
    Just before cocktail hour, that’s, for those
    Not in the know ~ Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday,
    & Friday ~ 5 pm
    To 7 pm.
    A Morning Wood
    Public Broadcast Initial Color Scheme
    * Dogging Arts * Fogging Minds * It’s a Star *

    An impenetrable self
    Reference locks the only door. I think, to myself,
    My Polar bear bears
    Resemblance, tangles my detail, costumes himself in varied,
    Very silly attire.

    O dear.

    So strange, so considerably odd. Don’t you

    “The furniture rebelled in disagreement,
    Don’t you see?”

    I do, I see. The furniture plainly stated its argument,
    Stood its ground,
    Has refused refinish later afternoon, said
    To us all, standing here,

    “We no longer conform to function,
    We no longer intend to furnish the enterprise.”

    But O, woe,
    I painfully exclaimed,
    What about the Chippendale Dancers?

    “Or Duncan’s Fife, who will play
    That pipe?” added Alistair.

    Leering, Asparagus, argued, “No, Duncan’s
    Fife, that’s a Lyre! A stringed
    Instrumental variation.”

    An impenetrable self reference
    Has locked
    The only door.

    “We no longer intend to conform,
    We stand our ground.”

    And what’s more,
    I now eternally know
    What’s Next!

    Yes, my cargo arrived

    So there!
    So know ~
    Blog, or dog? Who knows.
    But if you see my lost pup, please ping me!