Dreaming of a Tour De France trip (well, one stage)

Discussion in 'Professional Cycling' started by markwill, May 27, 2006.

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    I'll be right upfront and say this might be a stretch but what's wrong in dreaming a little :)

    I live in Seattle but have a nice long vacation planned to my family in the UK (I'm a Brit). The early part of that will be nicely wrapped up watching the World Cup :) but I don't return to Seattle until July 25th. So, it may be a stretch but I am contemplating a trip to France to take in a stage of the Tour. My wife has family in Berne, Switzeland and we're thinking of scheduling a little tour of our own. But I would REALLY love to get to one stage of the tour.

    In terms of timing, the best possibility would seem to be stage 18 - Morzine-Avoriaz to M√Ęcon. I have no familiarity with this part of the world and don't (yet) know much about this stage. I would much prefer to take in a mountain stage but watching the Tour (avidly) over the past couple of years since I first got my own bike and got into the Tour suggests that such parts of a stage will be absolutely packed. Since we're only going for a single day and my wife won't want to wait for hours and hours that could be a problem. By the same token, I'm less keen to wait on some flat or downhill area and find the riders are just gone by in a flash.

    So, as I say, this might all be a step-too-far, but I thought I may as well ask. Anyone have any tips on whether this is worth the hassle and, if so, how I should approach this?