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    I'm trying to find a new drop bar for my road bike. My aim is comfort, stability and control, no need for super aerodynamic bars.

    From what I understand with online research, getting a short drop, shallow reach, should be best for stability and control. I also want a bar that is sits parallel to the ground, so that the brakes are not at an angle (Like 'compact' in this picture: https://ruedatropical.files.wordpress.com/2009/03/comparo.jpg).

    I had two questions, how can I tell if a bar will sit parallel to the ground, without seeing it on a bike (Specifically I'm looking at this bar: https://us.ritcheylogic.com/us_en/wcs-curve-handlebar)? And is my research correct that short drop and shallow reach are ideal for control and stability?

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    First of all, remember that the bar can be rotated in the stem to tune the angle.
    Many bars can be set up near enough flat on top if you allow the low part to point slightly downwards.
    Secondly, find a sideways view of the bar. Judging by the tightness of the bend, the bar you linked to should be easy to set up flat. Although it depends a bit on how the levers fit.
    Can’t really say. A lot of that comes from overall position and weight distribution on the bike(frame size, stem, saddle type and position), frame geometry.
    I’ve ”always” swapped in shorter stems due to flexibility issues rather than control.
    Am not a descending speed freak anyhow, so its not a key priority for me.