DT Swiss 1800 vs. Fulcrum Racing 6 Wheels?


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Mar 22, 2011
Hi all,

I am getting a new bike and have pretty much decided with the Giant Advanced Defy 2 although I did also consider the Roubaix SL-2 at the same price point. I noticed that the Giant comes with the DT Swiss 1800 while the Roubaix comes with Fulcrum Racing 6.

What are your thoughts between the two? I have always ridden on Mavic so I don't have any experience with these brands. My current bike is a TCR-1 Aluminum on Campy Record and Mavic wheels.

Thanks for any input.



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Jul 31, 2003
I don't think there is such a model as a "Racing 6", they are more likely to be Racing 7s.

It depends, the R1800s have J bend spokes which makes them easier to repair than most other "factory" wheels. For this year the Racing 7s now use straight "nail head" spokes (previous years were J bend). Both wheels seem to come in at around the same weight. So if we're comparing last year's Racing 7s with the R1800s then there isn't really much in it.

If it were down to me I'd go with a wheel which uses J bend spokes as, in the event of breakage, these are much easier to get hold of than nail headed ones.

All else being equal then In a pinch I would probably go for the DTs, but only because I know their products (ie spokes and hubs) and use them all the time with no problems, and because all the shops I've ever dealt with have stocked DT spokes (which makes like for like spoke replacements easy).