Duathalon Training


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Jan 30, 2004

I am going to participate in a duathalon in June. It's a 2mi/14mi/5mi (b/r/b). I am interested in hearing ideas about how I should approach the training. I am fit, but have been physically inactive for many, many, many years. (Age 35, wt 170). I used to be a ld runner...but again, not for years now.

I just got started and currently I run 2mi on the treadmill, then 5 - 8 mi on the stationary bike, then 1 mi on the treadmill.

I am worried that I may be going about this the wrong way and do not want to get inot a bad training routine. Any ideas out there?

Thanks much!
Originally posted by lsachs
It's a 2mi/14mi/5mi (b/r/b).

I think you mean r/b/r .......... never heard of a duathlon being a bike run bike ............

The key to doing a tri/duathlon is to work on your transition times. Getting on and off the bike quickly, and transitioning to running is tricky, and different groups of muscles are used.

You want to make sure you are logging in miles on both types of events. Run a few times a week, and bike a few times. If at all possible, you want to really train, not indoors and a stationary type of trainer. There are remarkable differences between inside and out.

14 miles on a bike is not much, if it is a flat course, you should be doing that in less than 40 minutes.

The key is to have fun with it. Set a realistic time goal, and put a far reaching one out there just to see if you can hit it. It is you first tri/dua. event, so just enjoy it, and learn from your mistakes.

Chances are, you are not out there to win it, so just relax.
Yep...i did mean r/b/r! I'm quickly learning the transition challenges...the muscles seem to not like the switch from biking to running. And, you're right - indoors is not "real life". I'm in Michigan, so I'll have to wait until it's not 5 degrees below zero...:)