Dupont imron paint


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Feb 19, 2011
Sorry for being away lately but I was busy sitting on my ass doing nothing which is actually pretty damn sweet.

So quick question, I think I will start working on that old Peugeot UH12 and first thing I will do if I manage to remove that absurd threaded fork is to paint the frame.

The fork is chrome and I think that I can just polish it, it looks pretty good.

So I came across this DuPont Imron paint which supposed to be Da Bomb in DIY paint jobs.

Does it still exist?
Can they put it in cans or do I need a spray nozzle?

Fanks. :)


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Sep 12, 2005
I had a Harley painted with Imron and I didn't like it. The paint was soft and easily surface-scratched. It's also nasty **** that should be used with an air-fed mask or a really good filter mask. If it is inhaled and hardens in the lungs...breathing gets difficult. Painting one bike might not be so much of a health risk as a car, but it is a polymer and plastic coating the inside of your lungs is something I would not recommend.

No clue if Imron or Imron Elite is still around. It was never intended to be a finish for cars or motorcycles. It was an industrial coating. It had superior durability to spilled fuel (Think: drunk motor bikers at a gas station) and that's why we used to use it on gas tanks and fenders.

Edit: It was a two-part mix. I doubt they ever put it in a spray cam. The hardener would render it useless pretty quickly. We used it in base coat/clear coat format.


Oct 6, 2003
Yes it still exists and is very durable. It is expensive and you would probably end up buying a lot more than you need for a bike frame, like a gallon. The downside of the paint is that it is thick and you need to use it at a higher temperature to get a good smooth coating. There are newer paints that will work well and are easier to use. I am not aware of availability in spay cans but I doubt it.
BTW: You will need a notarized written excuse to explain your absence.


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Feb 19, 2011
BTW: You will need a notarized written excuse to explain your absence.

I will bring a note from my Drug-Dealer. :D

Fanks! :)

Some notes:

It was supposed to be a marine coating... But if it's so nasty maybe I should just skip it altogether.

I don't think it's ready available in cans either and had no idea that it's a two ingredient (hate those things, from glues to metal products).

Some shops here fill up cans with your desired pigmentation, so I thought that maybe they could load up some with Imron but... Again no point if it's two ingredient...

Any other super shinny metallic paints?

Don't care for powder coating.

I was thinking Orange Metallic. Glitter is a plus! :D

Or maybe one of these Green-Purple color changing ones.

I was thinking doing it with spray cans actually... 1*primer, 2-3*coating, 1*clear coat. Yeay or Ney?

100 EUR they want for a wet paint job here (gotta love how that sounds :D )

*Peugeot PH11 actually.
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