Dura-Ace bottom bracket

Discussion in 'Cycling Equipment' started by John Rees, Jul 15, 2003.

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  1. John Rees

    John Rees Guest

    I recently moved to a 9sp frame(Klein Quantum) due to a cracked frame. I still use the front wheel
    from my 7sp frame and I bought an Matrix ISO 3 wheel for the back. I am currently doing alot of road
    work and I am training for a triathlon with a 56 mile time trial.

    I always have had backup wheels for my 7sp and I am looking to do the same for my new 9sp rear.
    But I am wanting some help on what is the best option for me. My front wheel is an ISOII that is
    10yrs old.

    I weight about 175 and am currently doing a 40k in about 1h05m.

    I have been seeing alot of these wheels like the R540s,or other type with bladed spokes. Is there
    really a great advantage in doing time trials with these. I was just going to find a used hub and
    have on old velocity rim that I was using on my 7sp, but I am considering buying a pair of those
    type wheels for time trialing but don't know if it is worth the expense. But considering the age of
    my front wheel, I am wondering if it may be a good idea to do it.

    Is my weight a consideration for any of those type wheels? or any particular to stay away from?

    Any suggestions would be helpful.

    Matt P.

  2. Mike S.

    Mike S. Guest

    "John Rees" <[email protected]> wrote in message
    news:p[email protected]...
    > I'm making a comment and asking some questions about the Dura-Ace bottom bracket. While I've had
    > other bikes with this part, I have never pulled
    > out or replaced it.
    > I did the weight weeny thing and swapped out the Ultegra BB on a bike I
    > built with the Dura-Ace model. Before putting it in, I pulled it apart
    > can only say I actually like how it's designed. It is a very serviceable
    > and seems like it would last a long time as long as it's kept full of
    > What kind of bearings does the Ultegra and lower use in their sealed
    > models, what about Campy? I didn't have any paperwork with mine, is their a particular grease to
    > use on it?
    > I bought a used from a demo bike(low miles). I cleaned all the bearings
    > really packed it up with Phil Wood green grease. Is this Ok, or should I
    > something else?
    > From: John B. Rees [email protected] http://www.jrees.net/

    We've gotten spoiled with the remove and replace cartridge BBs. Gasp! You actually have to maintain
    (!) a D/A BB??

  3. Ns>

    Ns> Guest

    Phil Wood grease is an excellent grease to use for BB's. I wouldn't think another second on it!

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