dura ace compatable splined b/bracket


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Dec 6, 2002
Does anyone know who makes a lighter than shimano b/bracket. I just bought some cranks off ebay and found that they dont use the square tapered bb. I had been hoping to use the Royce titanium bb but it appears they only make the square job. I'm currently enjoying upgrading my Moulton APB.<br />http://www.pashley.co.uk/landrover/apb.htm<br />cheers<br />rifraf
<br />rifraf,<br /><br />As far as I know the only bb that'lll fit a Shimano splined crank set is the Shimano......<br /><br />CODA (Cannondale's subsiduary/partner) also make splined cranks but I'm not sure they're compatible.<br /><br />Not much help.....
Hell at least you answered Eldron - thanks for that :)<br />Enjoy your week and I'll let you know how i get on with my inquires.<br />cheers<br />rifraf<br />
shimano octalink is a splined system (cranks, bb)...but a one of a kind, proprietary, sort of thing.<br /><br />the other splined format, ISIS (International Spline Interface Standard), sprang up as a result of shimano not sharing. FSA , american classic, and raceface, as well as others, offer ISIS compatible components.<br /><br />octalink and ISIS are not compatible, and components can't be mixed.
Well thats cleared that up - no Royce ti bb for me (they didnt answer my email anyway). Shimano it is. Thanks for the heads up rv.<br />cheers<br />rifraf :)
I got an ultegra sealed bottom bracket from www.phantomcycles.com.au for $119 next day courier delivery after dealing with a very helpful Kerry (?) and had it fitted by rebelsport. I got me some eyecandy now. Love the look.
I had a look at all the specs of BBs that will fit D/A cranks about a month back - even the stuff with Ti shafts are not really lighter (like 5gm makes a difference) and cost plenty more. Also Ti will flex more than the CroMo shaft (although 90% of folks would never notice the difference). It's one of the few places on a bike where steel is still the 'right stuff'

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