Dymotec S12 night ride report[short]

Discussion in 'Recumbent bicycles' started by Bill B, Feb 5, 2003.

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  1. Bill B

    Bill B Guest

    Got the Dymotec S12, front and rear lights mounted. kind of tricky to mount and get the roller the
    proper distance from the wheel. Roller alignment is not too bad. Every thing has to be just right. I
    just put new pics on the my web shots photo album. had to fabricate a rear light bracket since I
    don't have a rear rack[don't want one] for the rear light to mount to. took the bike out tonight to
    see make adjustments and to see how well the dymotec does in a dark city park. The beam from the
    lumotec oval plus S12 is much wider than the lumotec oval plus 6 volt that is powered by my SON
    unit. The beam is brighter and shines further down the road. The lumotec S12 also has different lens
    and the reflector is different too. Unlike the 6volt lumotec The S12 does not have a switch. Drag
    from the dymotec is not to bad considering its a 12 volt unit. Unlike the whisper quite SON hub it
    does make a high whinning type noise which isn't all that bad. When stopped the led front and rear
    really glow.A speed of about 10mph is all it takes for the lights to produce a bright beam. Over all
    I'm pleased with the unit allthough I will have to do some more fine tuning. Compaired to the SON
    Hub its--make noise ,has a little more drag,unengaged it has no drag like the SON does with the
    switch off which is one of things about the Dymotec that I like. Check out the pics of the unit on
    the bike at---- http://community.webshots.com/user/recumbentbill

    look for the Album "Dymotec S12 for V2"

  2. David Luecke

    David Luecke Guest

    Hey Bill, I just wanted to let you know that the way you post with pictures is really helpful.
    Thanks :)

    David Luecke Ridin' a RANS Vivo (wahoo!) Merritt Island, Florida USA
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