Earth Policy News - Bicycle Production Remains Strong Worldwide

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  1. Eco-Economy Indicator -- BICYCLES
    December 13, 2005

    Eco-Economy Indicators are twelve trends that the Earth Policy Institute
    tracks to measure progress in building an eco-economy. Bicycle
    production is included because it measures our ability to provide
    affordable transportation, reduce traffic congestion, lower air
    pollution, increase mobility, and provide exercise to the world's
    growing population.

    by Elizabeth Mygatt

    In 2003, global production of bicycles hit 105 million -- two-and-a-half
    times the record 42 million cars produced. During the 1950s and 1960s,
    bicycle and automobile production were nearly equal. In the decades
    following, however, bike output soared, reaching 91 million in 1990,
    when car production totaled 36 million. Since then, with the exception
    of 1997 and 1998 (when output dropped to 90 million and then 87
    million), about 100 million bikes have been produced each year...

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