east german doping program PART 2, usa style!


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Oct 21, 2002
Former junior national sues USA Cycling <br />Gerrik Latta, a former member of the U.S. junior national cycling team, has filed a lawsuit claiming that he was tricked into using banned, performance-enhancing substances by his coach and trainer. The lawsuit was filed Monday in federal court in Denver, charging negligence and claiming that Latta was given illegal drugs while being told he was receiving legal vitamin supplements. Latta has filed the suit against USA Cycling, the United States Cycling Federation (USCF), and his former coach and trainer. Sean Petty, USA Cycling's vice president of marketing, said he had not seen the lawsuit and thus could not provide comment. <br /><br />Latta, who began bicycle racing in 1988 at age 16, claims that his former coach Rene Wenzel instructed trainer Angus Fraser to give him several injections in England in 1990 before the World Championships, with the assurance that the injections were vitamins. <br /><br />Latta joins two other former members of the US junior team, Greg Strock and Erich Kaiter, in filing suits related to this claim.USA Cycling has consistently denied the allegations made by Strock and Kaiter. <br /><br />

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