Easton tempest front wheel rim problems

Discussion in 'Cycling Equipment' started by ezzy, Aug 31, 2007.

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    Aug 31, 2007
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    Having just purchased a set of easton tempest II alu i was surprised to find that on coming back from my fifth ride (in heavy rain) my front wheel brake pads were all full of metal shreads! I had noticed that front breaking had become really bad at the end of the ride with all sorts of crunching noises which nobody wants to hear from a brand new set of wheels. End result: the front rim had protruding metal splines and the brake pads where full of metal. Upon advice from several shops i sanded the rims where the metal splines were protruding and got a new pair of brake pads. This worked all fine while riding in dry conditions - the braking was not top notch - but acceptable. But then.....a rainy ride and the same thing all over again!!

    Now what to do? Must i accept that the wheel is toast after 5 ride or can the rim maybe be fixed somehow (should i get a new rim)?

    Is this really to be expected from a "lightweight" type of composite alu rim these days - cause i have never had this trouble with any other wheelset during my last 10 years of riding cheaper/heavier rims?

    Hope you have some ideas! Except from this small issue i really love the wheelset - it performs great with smooth smooth spinning hubs:)