$$$ EASY, FUN, LEGAL MONEY MAKER (...NOT...the $6 dollar thing or

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    simple steps)

    I will not waste your time explaining how the money making
    process works because you are all intelligent people and can
    figure it our for yourselves. As for the legal aspect, you
    are providing a good (as will be explained later) and
    therefore accepting currency in return for that good is
    perfectly legal no matter what country you are in. This does
    work (only one person has to respond for you to make your
    money back and everything else is gravy as they say) so have
    fun with it and make your pictures interesting (remember
    that many people have probably not seen the geography of the
    area you are from).

    STEP 1:

    On a letter sized piece of paper write the following:
    "Please e-mail me the digital photograph at (enter your e-
    mail here). Enclosed is the $5.00 US fee for the picture"

    STEP 2:

    Fold a $5.00 US bill into the paper (to hide the bill and
    prevent mail theft) and mail it to the address below:

    M. Hunt
    M.A. Box 34074 P55, 1610-37 Street S.W. Calgary, Alberta
    Canada T3C3W0

    STEP 3:

    Replace the address above with your own address and post
    this message (saved as a text file) on as many newsgroups as
    possible using "postxpert" found at
    <http://www.download.com>. Remember, the more newsgroups,
    etc. you post to, the more people that will be exposed to
    the opportunity.

    STEP 4:

    When you get mail (with the enclosed fee) requesting the
    picture, send a picture in .jpeg format (taken by you to
    keep it legal as far as copyright laws are concerned) to the
    enclosed e-mail address along with the following message:

    "Here is the picture you ordered for the fee of $5.00 US"


    1. Make sure the picture you send was taken by you so as not
    to infringe on copyright laws. The picture can be of
    anything (i.e. a pet, landscape, friend, etc.) but keep
    it clean cause there are underage people on the

    2. Keep a copy of the sent e-mail (i.e. the receipt) and the
    addresses of the people you receive the fee and request
    from as your copy of the transaction.

    3. You may want to claim the money you make as income so
    as not to get in trouble with the income tax agency of
    your country.


    4. You may be weary of posting your address all over the
    internet so rent a post office box for about 30 cents a
    day and use that address instead.

    5. You may not want to give out your e-mail address to
    strangers so set up a temporary one just for these sorts
    of things with hotmail or another free service like that.

    6. You may not want to post your name all over the
    internet so just use your first initial or create a
    pseudonym and use that.

    7. This is legal as long as you follow the instructions
    and treat it like a real business (i.e. keep track of
    transactions and be honest). You can check the
    appropriate websites in your country and confirm it
    for yourself.