Easy Pork Chops



Easy Pork Chops

For 4 servings:

4 (or 8 pork chops) depending on size. 2 pounds potatoes 1 big onion 3 cups beef stock (cubes are
fine) 3 tsp tomato puree concentrated 2 tsp olive oil Salt and black pepper to taste Thyme to taste
1 Bay leafe

Preheat owen to 225 C (80 % of capacity) Peel potaoes and slice 1/8 " Put in ovenprofe pan as big as
area of all the chops together in one layer. Mince onion and frie in olive oil (not brown) mix with
the potaoes in the pan. Mix the Tomatoe puree and beef stock and make sure surface is same level as
potaoes and add all spices including bay leafe Put it in the owen for 15 minutes

While Potaoes is in the owen frie the chops (just brown them) salt and pepper of course. When the 15
minutes is done add the chops on top of the potaoes..make sure they are partly covered by the stock.
Back to owen for 10 minutes....and ready.

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