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    Sorry for the SPAM but wanted you "racers" to see these auctions...

    Pls see the following link to EBAY auctions I currently have going...


    This collection of 27 tapes were taped by me off of regular TV
    programs and capture some of the great riders of the 80's and 90's.
    (Lemond, Kelly, Fignon, and Hinault) Quality of the overal tapes is
    Good/Fair, and remember they were taped off TV and contain
    commercials, etc. I would prefer to sell these regionally in the
    Denver - C Springs area as shipping would probably run the buyer at
    least 20 dollars. I can arrange for pick up when sold. I will ship if
    outside the Rocky Mtn area.

    Races that are covered are:

    Movie "Breaking Away"

    1985 US Pro Race

    1985 Coord Classic

    1986 Paris Roubaix

    1986 US Pro Race

    1987 Paris Roubaix

    1987 Tour de France

    1988 Tour de France

    1989 Tour de Trump

    1990 Tour de France

    1991 Tour de France

    1991 Tour de Dupont

    1991 Tour de France

    1991 World Road race

    1992 Corestates Race

    1992 Tour de France

    1992 Tour de Dupont

    1993 World Road Race

    1993 Tour de France

    1993 Tour de Dupont

    1993 Little 500 –IU

    1994 Tour de France

    1994 Paris Roubaix

    1994 Tour de France

    1997 US Pro Race

    2000 Tour de France

    Please email with questions!



    You are bidding on my "vintage" collection of back issues of "Winning
    Bicycle Racing Illustrated". They are in Good condition and cover the
    timeframe: May 1985 - Sep 1994. As I inventoried them I found 2-3
    issues missing but it is probably the case the magazine was not
    published but 10 times a year in late 1980's. Also included are the
    Sports Illustrated issues from 1989 and 1990 that cronicle Greg
    Lemond's Tour wins. Also included is a 1987 Tour de France Guide -
    104 magazines in total.

    While I say I will not ship... it is because this collection is heavy
    and I would much rather sell to a EBAYER in the Denver and or C
    Springs area where we could arrange for physical pick up. If someone
    really wants them elsewhere in the US, I suspect shipping would be $20
    via UPS ground. I would have to check on the shipping costs after the

    These magazines highlight some of the great riders and teams of the
    era...Lemond, Hinault, Sean Kelly, the 7-11 team, Any Hampstein, etc.
    A great edition to your cycling collection. See my other auction
    currently for cycling videos!

    Please email with questions