eBikes on the bike lane?

Minnesota laws are pretty clear on the rules regarding assisted bikes. As long as the assist is limited to a top speed of 20mph they have all the rights on trails as a regular bike.

Now there are some kits and bike that allow the riders to travel much faster. There has been a lot of development in 2 wheeled bikes / motorcycles lately. Some vehicles can cruise at 50mph - no one in their right mind would take one of those on a bike trail would they?
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And I agree with the Minnesota law 100% .. today while I was out riding another ebiker zipped passed me and I was going at 22mph at that point so I can't imagine how fast they were going. At the same time I feel that the people that are doing that are the people that are new to cycling and are lazy, therefore they don't know what it feels like to crash their bike..

On another note we had a man who was "confused" drive his car on the trail so yea.. I wouldn't don't for a second that an idiot would hope on a bike trail and try to get up to 50mph ...