Ed Gin Caught in the Act Video

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  1. A hot new video release is for sale at the Johnny NoCom web Superstore.
    This exciting and revealing "Ed Gin Caught in the Act" video,
    available in both VHS tape and DVD format, captures Ed Gin doing what
    he does best.

    Here are some of the highlights from this classic Ed Gin video...

    · Watch as Ed demonstrates how he feels about former friends and the
    disabled as he authors his now famous "Pathetic example of a gimp"
    email signed ... "Ed - God like as you can get - Gin", or still another
    equally tasteless email signed ... "Ed - get on your knees and pray to
    me you gimp - Gin"
    · Watch as Ed is caught hard at work in the preparation of phony IDs
    to gain entrance into the CABDA bike show.
    · Watch as Ed takes delivery of bike parts at his residence and
    shipping address for his phony bike shop for which he used his wife's
    business tax-id number. IRS, are you reading this?
    · Watch as Ed entertains the Internet newsgroup readership with a
    plethora of mindless posts concerning a phony website superstore, with
    phony website merchandise, from a phony business, with phony reps and a
    phony boss who cowardly hides behind a phony pseudonym. If the message
    escaped your poor powers of perception Ed, allow me to spell it out for
    you ... P H O N Y!!!
    · Watch as Ed pounds out countless self-indulging testimonials for Ed
    by Ed, or by Johnny, or by Nick or by whomever he conjures up as his
    next sock puppet.
    · Watch as Ed concocts oodles of denigrating posts replete with
    falsification in retaliation of blasphemous individuals who would dare
    to profanely challenge him.
    · And best of all, witness English challenged Ed's frustration at the
    keyboard as he vainly struggles in his paltry attempt to match wits in
    cyber skirmishes with a vastly superior nemesis, Jim McNamara.

    There's more of course, but you'll just have to order the video. Like
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