Edenvale Spur Cycle Challenge

Woke up too late to enter the 90 something :-/ but am going to do the 56. Will have to get the starting number on Saturday. Good luck, it's a reasonably tough course.
Hope not :-/. The weather people say not, but can we believe them?
Crossed the line in 3hrs. I'm happy with my time, considering it was somewhat windy during the first half and hot towards the end. Our bunch missed a turn-off along the route aswell. The three climbs going past Midrand are tough indeed! I call them the serial killers.
Enjoyable race overall. ;)
Well done, VO2. ;D Looks like you're going to do a great Argus! ;)
Great Vo2. I heard from the guys that the 90km was tough. Must say I enjoyed the 58km. Did my best over the distance, just wished the road was better. At some stages I considered selling my bike and buying myself a mountain with dual shocks. :D