Egg Beater or Speed Play pedals?

Cool Penguin

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Feb 10, 2003
Dear Cyclists;

I am trying to decide which type of pedals I should switch too. I have SPD pedals that came with my bike ( which is a road bike ). I'm a relatively new cyclist and want something that is easier to use then my SPD and smoother to clip in and out off. I am torn between the Speed play pedals and the egg beaters pedals and was wondering if anyone had any advice or suggestions.

Cool Penguin
I've only used Speedplay Frogs. Brilliant design but with some weird limitations.

The best thing about them is that they are fully serviceable. You can take them apart and repack the bearings. The bearing and spindle quality is the best you will get.

The zero float thing is great BUT: they tend to lose play easily (they develop a sticky black film which you need to scrape off), they are hard to engage quickly (bad at traffic lights), and they don't both disengage when you fall off, because there is no spring.

In short, not good for the inexperienced, or people who aren't into maintaining their own bikes.
Penguin - I'll go with Speed play their whole series is quite good, very light weight and they offer dual sided entry. Just a question, don't you get hotspots from the small contact area?
I have read that the egg beaters are good for moutain biking as they do not accumulate dirt.

Have not owned any myself.

Go with speedplays.

They've been around for years (compared with egg beaters)

I used to ride time mids (bit like looks)

Swapped about 18 months ago to a pair of speedplay x2's - Personally I don't think you can get a better pedal.

csc are using them this year as well, so speedplay have finally been adopted by some tour boys.
Dear Cyclists,

Thanks for the advice I really appreciate it. As for hotspots, Goat I really don't have much of a problem with them on my SPD. At least so far.
I have used most of those pedals. The Frogs- not bad. Eggbeaters-probably the best pedal. X-series. I have used the x2 and x1's they are both awesome. If this is going to be purely a road pedal Definately go with the speedplays. Good luck.